Electric Vehicles and Unmanned Aircraft Systems

The Power Axle Corp has designed and fabricated working prototypes while continuing to advance and scale these systems. Our goal is to challenge and refine these advancing technologies to solve problems and create solutions for business and recreation. Unique battery technologies and power management systems are being co-developed to provide the highest impact and value solutions for our friends and customers.


Recent Projects

X1e Electric Bike

Arudino Based Smart Electric Bike

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X1i Industrial E-trike

Hybrid-Electric Pedal Assisted Industrial Tricycle

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X1d Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Aerial surveillance system development for civil and public use

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X2e Weapon XXX

Epic build converting one of the thoughest Downhill Mountain bicycles produced into an extreme performance electric bicycle

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High Performance Energy Storage

Development of compact energy storage systems for extreme energy discharge applications

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X1v Hybrid-Electric Drive

Hybrid-electric drive conversion systems for full-sized vehicles

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