The Power Axle Corporation was founded in 2012 by an experienced technician, engineer and business leader. Seed funds and incubation were provided by Blackstone Launchpad, Wayne State University. The founder worked for Automotive Suppliers, OEMs, Vehicle Assembly.

Our mission is simple, develop high impact and high value systems in hybrid-electric drive and unmanned aircraft systems.

What is the Power Axle Corp?

Power Axle Corp is a company started with seed money from Wayne State University's Blackstone Launchpad

Why do this?

The founder's passion stems from building, repairing, and testing high performance cars, recreational vehicles and RC vehicles. The new millenium has brought dependable high power motor controllers and new lithium based extreme energy discharge battery technology that will soon give rise to plug-in type recreational vehicles and bolt-on power for high performance or high demand ground vehicles.

Where are you?

Power Axle Corp is based in Metro-Detroit

Who are you?

Entrepreneurs, Engineers, Makers, Geeks

When can we see your next project?

See the X2e Weapon XXX project and the X1v Hybrid-Electric Drive


It's no surprise that experience and passion in automotive service, automotive prototyping, automotive engineering, electronics and robotics has led to the creation of the Power Axle Corp in 2012. The Power Axle Corp was selected by Blackstone Launchpad among other competing teams and awarded a seed grant to develop a proof-of-concept working prototype.


The Power Axle Corp is currently based in the "Automotive Capital of the World" Detroit, Michigan, United States of America. Also known as, the Motor City.

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